In case you are interested in opening an online store, you should know that Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms out there. This platform has many useful features and options like independent hosting and SSL for example. The only thing that you should think about is the design you want to use. While it’s true that you can get some excellent free eCommerce themes for Shopify, it’s also true that there are even more paid eCommerce themes for Shopify that look and work great. The following is a list of 4 top paid eCommerce themes for Shopify.

  1. Blockshop

With Blockshop theme, you can create a unique home store atmosphere in your online store. It comes with a pleasant palette of colors and nice typography. The theme is similar to the one used in Etsy, but it looks more professional. There are four different styles that are part of this theme which means that you should take some time to decide which one suits your online business the best.

  1. Retina

In case you prefer a theme that is not traditional, then add Retina to your list. Retina is available in four different styles that look similar, but have some unique elements. The most used Austin Retina relies on independent page sections with different product categories. It’s good to point out that every version comes with the same features.

  1. Pipeline

Pipeline is the perfect solution for those looking for a progressive design. Pipeline relies on large page sections that organize content in a different way. Every page section comes with a different background photograph. So, in case you can’t find large and adequate photos, you should look for a different theme. On the other hand, if you have a good Instagram profile, Pipeline will be very useful.

  1. Launch

We will end this list of eCommerce themes for Shopify with Launch, a theme that supports any eCommerce business. In other words, regardless of the range of products you are trying to sell online, Launch should be able to help you. You can use it to promote one product or a range of products. It has three different styles that come with huge background photos and headers. It is possible to use videos or slideshows instead photos. According to many users, the French style is the best option for small business owners.