The appearance of your online store has a very important role. The design of the website makes many people stay on that website or leave it. In the past, website owners had to spend a lot of time working on the design of their store. Today, thanks to the emergence of various eCommerce platforms, the situation is much better. Namely, you can use eCommerce platforms to build any kind of store and choose from different eCommerce themes. In this article, we will place our focus on eCommerce themes for Shopify because this is the leading eCommerce platform today.


Fastor is actually a multipurpose theme that is primarily used for online stores. The last version was upgraded and the theme is now much faster, simpler and more attractive. Users can select from a wide range of skins. There are also many tutorials that can help users get the most from this theme.


Jasper comes with six basic layouts that they can use in a boxed or full-width version. This is a highly customizable theme with very interesting product page options. What most people like about this eCommerce theme is the high number of useful widgets like pop-ups for mailing lists, product quick view, switching currencies etc.


The list continues with another interesting Shopify eCommerce theme. This theme has more than 20 premade layouts. Users are free to make combinations with different footers, headers, and checkout options. As a result of that, they can create the best online store according to their needs. There are many useful tutorials that can help users get the most from this theme.


If you are planning on selling exclusive clothes, then you should check Simolux. With the help of this Shopify eCommerce theme, you can turn your ordinary store into a high-end online fashion store. Obviously, this theme comes with many different helpful features and exceptional visual elements. On top of that, it has an excellent customer support.


This eCommerce theme for Shopify lives up to its name. You can use this versatile theme in many different situations and adjust it easily. It has over 50 designs and it can be used for any kind of eCommerce website – from an online fishing store to a luxury bag store. Everything has a huge menu system, various slideshows, responsive design, customization features and many other things.