PHP is the most used programming language today. This is also one of the programming languages that is updated and upgraded regularly which makes the creation of websites and web apps with its help very easy. The fact is that if people use PHP 7 to create an eCommerce website or app they can expect quick loading time which ultimately leads to better search engine ranking. But, the best part is that people can use eCommerce platforms based on PHP to build the best online stores. This is a list of the top-rated eCommerce platforms based on PHP:

  1. PrestaShop

PrestaShop is one of the rare eCommerce platforms that comes with multilingual support (more than sixty languages).This is great news for people who want to sell their products around the globe. In addition, PrestaShop comes with many different eCommerce themes and elements that allow easy customization. With its mobile-friendly design, this eCommerce platform might be the best option for your online business.

  1. WooCommerce

The list continues with WooCommerce, an eCommerce platform based on PHP programming language, supported by the most famous CMS – WordPress. People who already have a website powered by WordPress can use the WooCommerce plugin to turn their existing website into a web store. This is a highly adjustable eCommerce platform that allows you to create eCommerce websites based on your business model. It also has many different eCommerce themes.

  1. VirtueMart

Now here’s another great eCommerce platform that has many eCommerce themes and layouts. This is an open source platform made with the needs of Joomla users in mind. VirtueMart is known for its excellent security features. It is ideal for the creation of small and medium online stores. This platform also has many features like various shipping options, creating and handling different categories of shoppers, payment methods and more.

  1. Magento

Magento is one of the oldest and most used eCommerce platforms. So, it is quite natural that this platform based on PHP comes with a wide array of eCommerce themes. The management behind this platform has decided to allow users to choose from different editions like enterprise cloud and regular enterprise edition. It all depends on users’ needs, requirements, and desires. The online marketplace that is part of Magento allows you to buy and download many different extensions and themes.

These are just some of the many great eCommerce themes and platforms based on PHP.

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